Indiana is a robust location for a community bank or lender to flourish. The state is dotted with eager small businesses, flourishing farms and hopeful prospective homeowners who need your financial assistance.

This provides you with plenty of opportunities to build your loan portfolio, which is just what you need to see your institution succeed and grow. One aspect of a successful balance of loans that many lenders do not consider until it becomes a problem is appraisal management.

You need appraisals and evaluations that keep you in compliance with federal regulators while making sure you put together the best value loans. This is where having a professional appraisal management company in Indiana like SAMCO working for you can be so important.

Lending Markets in Indiana

Prospects for lending for community banks in Indiana are currently quite good. In the first quarter of 2018, financial giant Civista Bancshares Inc. reported huge growth at least partially tied into their acquisition of United Community Bankcorp in Lawrenceburg, Indiana.

One of the stated features of their success is steady loan production and loan pipelines. It’s undeniable that reliable loan production is the key to community bank and lender success, which is why you need an appraisal company in Indiana you can count on in your corner.

A strong, experienced professional Indiana AMC is critical to making sure you have a steady stream of high-value, compliant loans, and SAMCO is the perfect company to fit that bill for your Indiana bank. From saving you money with our comprehensive review process to freeing you up from the time-consuming process of finding quality appraisers, SAMCO is the partner to fuel your growth.

SAMCO Is the Indiana Appraisal Management Company You Have Been Looking For

When it comes to loan appraisals, there is a lot to think about. You have USPAP requirements to be concerned with and making sure your loan officers never meet your appraisers to avoid a compliance breach. At the same time, you need an honest and accurate evaluation so you can structure the loan correctly.

SAMCO takes away all of these headaches without a big hit to your budget. We have access to highly-skilled appraisers and your loan officers will never have any idea who they are. We can handle all aspects of the appraisal and evaluation process to make sure you will get all the information you need to make your loans without running into any Federal compliance issues.

That service includes providing you with a customized appraisal management program along with custom reporting using real-time data if you need it.

Contact SAMCO Today for High-Quality Appraisal Management in Indiana

You don’t need your highly-trained banking staff constantly all tied up with appraiser independence federal compliance issues or hunting down the right appraisers. You just want to focus on building your portfolio with great loans. We can help. If you’re ready to put your appraisal issues on autopilot, give SAMCO a call at 888-832-1129 or contact us online today.