If you have a small bank or mortgage lending company in Georgia, you know that there is a constant flow of Georgia residents looking to take advantage of the state’s growth opportunities, both in Atlanta and beyond, with the right commercial, residential or agricultural loan. But walking the tightrope of creating profitable loans while staying in compliance with federal regulations and staying ahead of your competitors can be challenging and stressful.

That’s why so many banks and lenders are engaging the services of appraisal management companies (AMCs) in Georgia. A good Georgia AMC can handle all of your appraisal issues and keep appraisers safely away from your loan officers without you having to deal with the cost and issues involved in having an internal appraisal management team.

SAMCO is an experienced and caring Georgia appraisal management company that can help take the burden of appraisal issues off your shoulders.

State of Lending Markets in Georgia

While Georgia’s largest banks passed the Federal Reserve’s recent “stress tests” making sure they can survive a recession, bank lending has slowed in Georgia since the last election, especially business lending. This doesn’t mean Georgia lenders aren’t giving out plenty of loans and making profits. It just means the competition is getting a little stiffer when it comes to securing the best loan deals — so it is even more important that you have the best appraisal management company in Georgia on your side.

Get Higher Value Loans and the Protection You Need With the Right Georgia Appraisal Management Company

Your company probably didn’t get into the lending business to struggle with regulations. Your interest is in providing great residential, commercial and agricultural loans to the people of Georgia, and you’d like to be able to just focus on that. Thanks to SAMCO, you can. Our valuation products and services are designed to protect you while helping you build the highest-value loans possible. Our services include:

  • Comprehensive Review Process - Make sure you are in full compliance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) with our budget-friendly and complete review.
  • Compliance Audit – We’ll audit you first before the government does. If there are any issues, we’ll make sure they are long gone before any federal compliance officers conduct an inspection.
  • Customized Appraisal Management – Our real-time appraisal data helps make sure you get the best value possible for your loans.
  • And More! – Whatever appraisal services you need, we are happy to provide. We find quality appraisers and take every measure to make sure there is no contact between appraisers and loan officers.

Contact SAMCO Today for the Appraisal Management Assistance You Deserve in Georgia

We fully support the work that small banks and mortgage lenders are doing to grow the communities in Atlanta and throughout Georgia. We’re here to help by focusing on all of your appraisal and valuation issues while you concentrate on making great loans. Let us handle the appraisal side, and you can take care of the rest. To find out how, call us at 888-832-1129 or contact us online today.