SAMCO's Bulletin Board Ezine

The SAMCO Bulletin Board is an ezine (electronic newsletter) sent to SAMCO’s approved appraisers, community bank processing departments, and community bank underwriting staff.  The SAMCO Bulletin Board has information on regulatory changes in the mortgage and banking industry or explanations of USPAP or Appraisal Standards and how they affect the writing of an appraisal report.  SAMCO does not have a computerized audit system.  Experienced, USPAP trained staff personally audit each individual appraisal to ensure that it meets not only USPAP and Appraisal Standards, but the individual requirements of each of our community bank clients.  And this is important!  



About Us

SAMCO Appraisal Management Company is a nationwide appraisal management service for community banks. We provide regulatory compliance and save our clients actual dollars at the end of the day.

SAMCO is committed to earning your loyalty one appraisal at a time.


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