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Appraisal Management

SAMCO Appraisal Management Company provides compliance with federal mortgage lending requirements for Community Banks through Appraisal Order Management.

SAMCO has a group of valuation products that provides complete appraisal independence and USPAP/Appraisal Standard reviews. From the narrative, commercial appraisals to Fannie-Freddie Residential to Consumer Lending evaluations, SAMCO includes everything the community lender needs from the beginning of the order to all file documentation at the end. In addition, these underwriter-ready appraisals reports ensure compliance. Our goal is to be the best AMC company out there and to provide appraisal management services that are efficient, effective, and affordable for your financial institution.


SAMCO Appraisal Management Company offers a robust line of managed appraisal services for our clients, from Residential Appraisals to Commercial Evaluations.

We utilize a very customizable management platform that will integrate with many ordering systems for a seamless experience. Are you looking for custom reporting? NO PROBLEM!!! We can track our data in real-time to give the most accurate reporting possible. Our transparent communication, flexible array of services, and commitment to our clients make us the AMC of choice for many lenders across the U.S. Have a unique case scenario or want to discuss appraisal management in general. Then, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We would love to discuss what your needs are and provide you with solutions.

Why Choose Us?

We make a difference!

SAMCO focuses on appraisal management services, which is our specialty. We solely focus on appraisal management services with continuous improvements and integrations to make your job as a lender easier.

Our approach to excellent customer service is communication!! We answer your calls. We understand that you want to talk to a live person and not a machine. We were founded by an appraiser with a tremendous amount of appraisal, banking, and real estate knowledge—the perfect combination for this business. We offer full-service appraisal management services or just basic order management services, depending on your needs. Why pay for something that you do not need. Our software platform is customized for SAMCO to provide customized order notifications for each user. We have added additional custom features that are also unique to SAMCO. Each enhancement and customization was completed with our lenders in mind. From our custom turn time reports to our annual board packages, we have you covered.

YES, up to three orders of Residential type appraisals, the management fee is waived. You will only have to pay for the appraiser's reasonable and customary fee: no contracts or obligations and no strings attached, just excellent service. Get started today!! 888-832-1129

NO! SAMCO does not charge a set-up fee as many other AMC's do. First, we prove to you our value, before we are paid!

Appraisal orders are placed through SAMCO Appraisal Management Company's secure web-based appraisal platform. This platform provides the most stability and features needed for our clients. Upon placing an order, you will receive an e-mail confirmation of the order receipt. Just like you, the community bank/credit union, SAMCO has a Disaster Recovery Plan, and the web-based platform (server) is an integral part of that plan.

SAMCO Appraisal Management Company expects the appraiser who is assigned the project to call for an appointment within 48 hours of receipt of the assignment. SAMCO does not place unrealistic requirements on your local appraisers. Some AMCs state they will have the appraisal back to the client within 48 hours. That's not reasonable for a quality appraisal. SAMCO does expect the appraisal to be completed within five business days of the appraisal request, and the appraisers are rated upon that performance expectation. If your customer does not allow the inspection to be scheduled in a timely manner, or if there are other extenuating circumstances, of course the five-day requirement is extended. This is where communication is key and required of our appraisers. You, the client, will be e-mailed the status updates and for a more detailed report, you can just check the status board for that particular appraisal online. It's easy! After the inspection, it is expected that the appraisal is to be completed within two business days. Here again, communication between the appraiser is key and is monitored by the SAMCO staff.

SAMCO does not have a minimum order volume requirement for our clients like some AMC's have.


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Let's Talk About Your Service And How We Can Help!

Committed to earning your loyalty one appraisal at a time!


Let's Talk About Your Service And How We Can Help!

Committed to earning your loyalty one appraisal at a time!