SAMCO will shorten your appraisal/ evaluation completion time!

SAMCO Appraisal Management Company utilizes a custom web platform that does not let an assignment "fall through the crack". Not only that, but within a few hours, the bank will receive notification that the appraisal/evaluation order was received and assigned. SAMCO Appraisal Management Company requires our appraisers/evaluators to give status updates every 24 hours, which are then relayed to you, the client. All communication is clearly posted on the SAMCO Status Page for all to see; appraiser, SAMCO, client processing staff, and loan officers.  With the emphasis on transparency and communication, the appraisal/evaluation order is always on the front burner for appraiser/evaluator! That means it’s completed sooner, not later. The appraisal is also required to be completed within 48 hours of the inspection.