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The New York district Federal Reserve came out with a very interesting report, household debt has hit a level that is above the peak level of 2008! Does this mean we’re in trouble? I don’t think so. Household debt level includes credit cards, consumer loans (such as autos), student loans and also real estate (or home loans).

Real Estate loans have dropped from a 2008 high of 73% to 68%, and with the tougher lending requirements since 2008, those real estate loans are in good position credit wise. The real difference in credit from 2008 is student loans and auto loans. Those categories are significantly higher.

Total delinquency for all loans was flat for the last quarter at 4.8%. This is the lowest since the recession. Student loans represent the highest delinquency rate at 11%. The growing household debt shows that most of those people who struggled through the ‘Great Recession’ have reestablished their credit and are borrowing again. That’s good! 

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