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Contract Amendments; When?  (Illinois Appraiser Newsletter – January 2017) Was an excellent article that describes the appraiser record-keeping requirement and the issues that many appraisers face by having access to all versions of a report that they have produced. The appraiser's work file is required to be complete and contain all copies of revised reports. That can be a little hard depending on your software and your tracking system. Many appraisers already have their method down for complete record keeping, but just in case you miss one, let me point out that the SAMCO system keeps all versions of your reports. They are date and time stamped and available in our system as soon as you upload your report. The appraiser also has access to the communication history log in each assignment as well.  While we do not want to be your primary record-keeping log, we are a great tool and resource for you to utilize if you work with us.


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