Already working with third party loan origination or vendor management software? There's no need to worry. SAMCO can conveniently integrate with a variety of loan origination and management platforms to seamlessly fit into your current workflow. Check out our most popular integrations below:

Loan Origination Software

SAMCO has experience integrating with the following loan origination software applications:

  • Encompass
  • Lending QB
  • LoanLogics
  • LoansPQ
  • Loan Producer

Vendor Management Software

  • Mercury Network
  • Real EC
  • Appraisal Port
  • InHouse Connexions
  • First Close

Automated Review Platforms

  • RealView
  • ACI Sky
  • Snapshot

Flood Zone Data Platforms

  • CoreLogic
  • ServiceLink

UCDP & EAD Service Platforms

  • Pathway

Street Mapping & USPS Address Validation

  • Google Maps (Street Mapping)
  • Smarty Streets (Address Validation)


SAMCO's goal is to make working with an AMC as seamless as possible. We understand how important software integrations are to that process to ensure you can keep a smooth and efficient workflow without losing track of valuable appraisal data. If you have any questions about our current software integrations or are curious as to whether or not we can integrate with your current platform (if not listed above), please don't hesitate to give us a call.