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SAMCO works with an extremely talented group of appraisers in multiple states. The appraisers that we work with have an exceptional skill set for their markets. Our clients (Community Banks & Credit Unions) offer services in some pretty unique areas. From a farm in the Midwest to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (SNOW Country). Our appraisers know their markets.

SAMCO’s independent fee appraisers are more like partners in this venture. They have a vested interest in our success and we have the same in theirs. We offer a great user-friendly platform, additional support when they need to talk to a live person. We offer a fair fee and a quick turn time for payment. The SAMCO appraisers do not have to wait for the lender to pay, we are paying the appraiser in a two-week time frame for completed assignments.

SAMCO does not charge a Portal or Technology Fee to appraisers. Why would we do that? It is part of our cost of doing business, not the appraiser’s. The appraisers quoted fee is what they are paid ….NO DEDUCTIONS. We also believe in transparency ….our clients know what the appraiser is paid that complete their orders. We do not hide the appraiser fee, because we appreciate the appraiser enough to pay a fair and equitable fee. SAMCO will never shop an FHA order for $ 275.00 or a 1004 URAR for $ 225.00. I don’t want to sound opinionated or self-righteous, but that’s ridiculous!

SAMCO also offers significant interaction with our review team to help overcome any questions or just help with any assignment in general. Our tech team is one of a kind in their support. We actually read the addendum notes for the appraiser’s detailed comments. SAMCO does not process an appraisal report through an automated system that sends back unnecessary revisions.

Interesting fact: every year one of our appraisers recommends us to one of their existing clients. HOW COOL IS THAT!!! In a world, where to be honest AMC’s can have a bad name with appraisers (just check out the blog’s), we are standing out and they want their lender clients to partner with SAMCO.

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Submitted by Guest on Wed, 03/14/2018 - 18:47


SAMCO has been one of the better AMC I've worked with. Very straightforward and understanding when issues complicate the process